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Windows 10 PLEASE HELP ME!


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New Member
Feb 6, 2024
How do I fix this error "0xc0000005" After update Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions form steam In December 22, 2022 When I start game and pop up screen that show message not responding then the screen is close
Welome to the forum my friend. That error almost always indicates a corrupt file or that file is unusable for your operating system. A few things may have happened. Your download contains for whatever reason a corrupt file. The first thing I would do is uninstall that program (use Revo if possible) and roll back your Windows install to before you installed that program. Restart Windows and make sure Windows is performing well.
Download that program from another source if you can, those steam cracks can be pretty complex. Torrents do get jumbled up sometimes. If all that fails, perhaps because your program is interacting with something else you may have installed, sounds like you are S.o_O.L., Sorry.
I have ran into this scenario before and what i did was uninstall the app then use "regedit" to search any instances of the program example "Captain Tsubasa" delete all registry entries then reinstall the latest install and it should run fine also cookies can cause this criteria as well especially after a upgrade.
After I delete Captain Tsubasa in registry and I reinstall the game When open the game is not work
Did you remove all instances Captain Tsubasa, Captain, Tsubasa, and are all required gaming packages (dot.net) installed? Last try installing to another folder.
last option is do a system restore to a date where it worked re-install and see ifd that works. Otherwise something is corrupt and causing this.

You can try Driver Booster by Iobit to just install all the GAME packages

As for the error code The exception code 0xc0000005 may occur due to a corrupted or faulty hard drive. You can run Check Disk or CHKDSK scan; it will help you mark the bad sectors on the hard drive and fix the drive corruption (if any).