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Problems with SMTP


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New Member
Sep 18, 2023
Hi all,

For some reason using an authenticated SMTP I manage to send emails through my HP MFP machines, but when I use authenticated SMTP it always fails.

Any idea why this might be happening?

PS: The authentication username and password are 100% correct.

Thank you all


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I don't know nor do I want to know but any chance the domain or IP might be blacklisted? All it takes is one user, home or remote to be infected by a spammer, it happens.
Who is hosting the mail server? Is it local or a 3rd party remote? Have you checked with HP to see if there's a bug in their printers? Don't get me wrong, HP printers are the best in the business. There has to be something in their hardware if the problem is confined to their MFPs. Agree?
After having time to think about this you already answered your question. The problem is definately server-side. There is nothing you are going to do on your side to change that. Whoever's email SMTP server you are utilizing may have a different URL configured for auththenticated traffic, 'cause this one obviously isn't. So bug whoever admins the SMTP server or learn to love sending non-authenticated emails. It's their world and you are just living in it.