Seamless wi-fi but choppy wired internet access


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Jun 21, 2020
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Windows 10
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Hi, I'm not sure this is an issue that Windows 10 can help troubleshoot in my PC. The PC is connected to the internet via an ethernet cable, yet it will sometimes temporarily lose the connection (pages not loading, streaming stopping, pop-ups saying "your computer is not connected to the internet"). Other devices (cell, tablet) using the same internet connection via wi-fi never experience this problem ("never" includes the moments I just described). The issue lasts a minute or two, but it's inexplicable and annoying. I'd feel less frustrated if I knew there's something I can check or fix... I would expect a wired connection to be steady and a wi-fi connection to have hiccups, not the opposite... Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Nov 5, 2018
Windows 10
Chrome 84.0.4147.125
Is there any way for you to find another way to hard wire connect to the Ethernet?
Just trying to eliminate possibilities. Perhaps you could bypass your router and connect directly to your modem. If you get a rock solid wired connection from any place other than your router, there's the culprit.
The other possibility is your system. The quick fix would be open your device manager, expand "Network adapters" select you hard wire adapter, left click and right click "Remove device" don't delete the drivers. Next step although not entirely required is restart your system. Windows will automatically reinstall the adapter. You have now performed the equivalent of rebooting windows and completely refreshing your hard wire connection. Useful for after you clear out viruses that mess with your winsock too.
Lastly I would tend to think a couple of solutions: I forgot to ask is your Cat-5 (or 5e or 6) and the connectors in good shape? Do you have another cable you could substitute? You could always try the router factory reset if you have determined the router is the problem. Otherwise you have pretty much narrowed it down to a hardware failure of your system or outside chance a virus. I hope before you even ask your question you have run Malwarebytes and whatever antivirus you use to eliminate that possibility.
If it is your hardware the either add/replace your network card on a desktop/tower. Laptop either get a USB/Ethernet adapter or whatever other open COM port you have available that could accommodate an Ethernet cable. Go to a site like Newegg to explore those possibilities and see what other user's experiences with that particular hardware adapter.