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Simple firewall file to block all incoming and outgoing files in a folder in 1 click


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New Member
Apr 1, 2021
Sorry if this is in the wrong place or I have never posted here. This is a simple >Bat file that you copy into any folder (example I installed the photoshop 23 or 24 from Thumper and simply copied the bat file into the installation directory, right click and run as admin. ) It creates a firewall rule for all exectuable files in the folder both incoming and outgoing automatically. It's super handy and I've never had the 1st problem with it. I don't remember who wrote the file, I'm a member on another forum (TeamOS-HKRG.) and one of the admin's shared it with me a couple of years ago. I've never had any antivirus programs flag it or anything. Hope it helps some others like it's helped me. Thank you thumper for the PS 23 or 24? works perfect.


  • firewall folder block.zip
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