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USB disconnects after a lnk/HoundRat.A infection


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New Member
Nov 18, 2017
Hi, I have a 2.0 USB memory stick that got infected with lnk/HoundRat.A which as you might know, does that old .lnk trick and labels eachfile on the memory as system file and hides it. So, used ESET Endpoint antivirus and cleaned it, but weird thing, the memory stick is now 800 kb out of 4 GB memory left, and whenever I try to perform any operation on any files the memory stick disconnects. It barely lefts to copy just one single file sometimes. Any ideas on how I could rescue the files on it?
Thanks in advance.
There's some command line stuff you can do to restore your drive but this is the easiest. Works great to restore "lost" sectors of your flash drive if you have used another non-windows format.

As always thanks to Lawrence Abrams and his brain trust over at bleeping computer for providing this download..
I suspect the drive has taken a dump you can format it tho I suspect it will not format if it does format try dumping a bunch of files to it, if it fails at any point then it is bad
I have grown fond of EaseUS partition master. It should delete everything on that flash drive, I have had it delete protected files and non-Windows file systems no problem. It's a great Swiss-Army tool for all the odd stuff you find on any file storage hardware.