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Nov 5, 2018
Windows 10
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I have been buying a bunch of cheap consumer electronics from China just to satisfy my curiosity and they are really cheap if you shop well.
I asked recently about u disk. Turns out it's part of the quasi operating system GNOME. I got a little wary when both of these cheap pan and tilt cameras each required different software to access them although they appear identical. Neither one gave me a clue in their seller's description that was the case.
So each interface is written as an app in both Android and iOS nothing in Windows. Beep beep beep an alarm went off. Somebody doesn't want you to know anything about the software needed to connect to the respective cams. In case anyone wants to play the titles are ICSee and V380. Both these apps try to sell you either privileged access or cloud storage of the camera's output. I have seen sites on the Internet that give instructions how to run these in Windows using an emulator but I haven't had much luck.
Now here's where then fun may be. I haven't started looking yet but there but I can't be the only person thinking about hacking the GNOME powered devices. If anyone knows of a board, get in touch with me. Barring that the fact that I have 2 cams so different (in fact one cam driver/software uses the pan tilt robotics much better than the other even though the hardware is the same. Mine will run native code on Windows before I give up. You know the time warn saying: "If at first you don't succeed, hack-hack-hack". If i brick the little buggers who cares? I will get more until I get bored or make them respond to Windows. At least I will get to know GNOME. It is true BTW. You learn a couple or few programming languages and they all start looking the same. Pass the steak knives please it's time to start carving these little darlings up.

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