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Well Work Just Annouced It


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Nov 5, 2018
One of the guys in the home office decided we should go into Win 11 trials at our various US branches and see how it works. Whoo Hooo are they in for some fun! We use a couple of custom software packages that are going to be trouble not to mention all the driver difficulties. Part of our manufacturing process relies heavily on pressure sensitive label creation real-time with production.
Thank goodness I can just sit back and watch this one unfold. I am still a noob here so I can get away with it. I'll keep my mouth shut until they get into real trouble. I did warn them some of the problems they may encounter.
It will not be a boring summer. Wait until the users have to get used to the Win 11 GUI, this should be entertaining to say the least.
Any members here had to take a medium size business over to 11? I am guessing no. Every admin I have talked to is putting it off as long as they can.
Heres a solution.
Install VMWare WOrkstation on each Win 11 install and have a windows 10 setup running on it to run your extra special software designed around windows 10 no doubt.

I have one computer in my set that actually has a Windows 11 install on it and it runs Microsoft Edge perfectly. Doesnt get used for anything else

Windows 11 should come with health warnings on the packet for Stress related illness and Anxiety issues.