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Steve Miller (various tracks), Filter - Short Bus, Miles Davis - A Tribute to Jack Johnson.

Hey Man Nice Shot (Filter) has some special meaning to me. R. Bud Dwyer was a politician who came to an untimely end. He was the uncle of a very close friend of mine.
He had a very sad end.
Final Press Conference
That was the inspiration for Filter to write this song.
Hey Man Nice Shot

Ironically this same friend's father chose the same way out. The family stayed in their beach house during the summer months. The dad pased away in their bedroom at their residence and wasn't found right away. The rumor circulated was he passed away due to a stroke. My girlfriend lived 2 doors down and we saw what really happened when they took him away. In a completey different matter, before I met that GF her father had commited the same act. I wish I was kidding. I was a teen at the time.
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