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Windows 7 Forcing Me To Go Online. I Don't Want To.


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Feb 27, 2024
I have a Dell 3020 I have a master disc with Windows 7 Ultimate and the key. I use this PC for illustrating only and I own older versions of drawing applications that will not run on Windows 10. I never planned on accessing the Internet with this PC. I have gone to great lengths to ensure it does not have WiFi and I do not have the ability to connect to the Internet via Ethernet because I would need to run a cable 2 stories and several hundred feet to where my router is. Everything was fine for about 6 months. The PC was running great. Then it wants me to go online and verify Windows 7 Ultimate with Windows Genuine app. I am not going to ever connect this to the Internet but how do I shut off this nag feature? It also disabled some wallpapers I had and some other customization features. I can do without them, but I don't want to be forced to go online. The whole purpose of this PC was to have a PC in the house that ISN'T connected to the Internet. I have a main PC for any Internet stuff.

Thank you.
Call and bitch at Microsoft. In the days gone by, you had to call Microsoft sometimes to get an verification code. Folks were going around to retail stores or businesses and copying down the key on the COA. That was before the transition of the key being coded into the BIOS and technically not easily to copy. So there's your choice, call Microsoft and get the key verbally verified or do it online. Those days a royalty key was great to have, they just authorised without verification. I know of any other possibility with an Ultimate edition. AFAIK royalty keys were never issued for that edition.
If it's never going online, go to 1337x.to and get DAZ loader. This should patch it and stop nagging you.
If this makes you nervous to use such a patch, then get Macrium Free or Acronis, make a full image backup to an external drive. You can always restore what you have if DAZ doesn't work.
I am not sure DAZ works with the Ultimate edition. Microsoft put up additional blockades for that version, who knows why? It's worth a shot. Remember there is still phone activation available should you need it. You do have a bought and paid for COA and valid key.
EDIT Just for the record (and history) Win 7 to authenticate issued a unique code based on the COA entered. MS kept a record of the number of times that COA was activated. Inability to use the Internet for activation or after a certain number of times it was activated, it required a phone call to MS and first explaining why the COA was activated so many times. You then supplied the code, it was run thru an algorithm and the code was supplied for you to enter in your system. I am not sure why you are not taking this system on line, but it seems the most practical way would be to load Win 7 only, activate it, make a back up copy already duplicated, the load whatever you care to keep off line. I believe this has already been mentioned. You can try DAZ but I remember reading it didn't work for Ultimare edition, I have been wrong in the past. and will continue to do so in the future.
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Thank you. It took me a bit to find a clean version of DAZ but I did, I ran it and it fixed the issue. I have no idea, since I do not have a way for it to go online, it was fine and then all of a sudden it wants to do Windows Genuine. I never updated the Windows version either.