WinGuard Pro: Password protect files, folders, Windows apps


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Aug 18, 2010
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WinGuard Pro: Password protect files, folders, Windows features & apps

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Size: 2.5MB
Price: Free

If you would like to keep your personal folders, files and application away from anybody’s access, it’s time that you protected them with WinGuard Pro. WinGuard Pro is a freeware application that lets you password protect your files, folders, windows feature as well as programs, including access to Internet Explorer, Administrative tools, Messenger, Task Manager, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Media Player, Folder Options, Notepad and much more.

WinGuard Pro Review
WinGuard Pro is easy to download and install. If you are looking to use WinGuard Pro commercially, then let me tell you that the free version is limited to one copy only, and you have to pay an additional fee based on the number of copies you want.

I opened WinGuard Pro by clicking on to the desktop item, and a small password entry box appeared on the screen asking me to set the password.
Note: When installing the last screen gives you a temporary password. Write it down.

Since I hadn’t set any password yet, I decided to use the password given by the application and pressed Enter. The application window of WinGuard Pro opened on the screen and as you can see below under “Select a Task to Lock” you could actually see a list of various tasks like Default Windows, Devices and Printers, My Documents, Programs and Features, Task Manager and many more, which you can select and lock with a password. You can also add more tasks to lock through “Add my own Task to Lock” tab.

Next, click on to the Settings tab, to put down your own password, hence from now on whenever you lock any tasks you would have to use this password only

You can look at the “Encryption” tab to not only protect your files with a password, but also with dedicated encryption methods to prevent unauthorized access.

There are many settings available, including options to disable Windows Explorer, lock Internet Explorer or block software installation so that no one else can install a program on your Windows PC without your consent.

Deciding to test the application, I chose access to the Downloads folder, as the task and locked it with a password. Now when I clicked on the Downloads tab in the File Explorer, it opened very briefly, and the second moment disappeared behind the WinGuard log-on screen asking me to put in the password. Entering the password the Downloads folder normally.

WinGuard Pro worked well at my end and allowed me to password protect my personal files, folders and applications. I am listing down some the useful features that this freeware offers to its users:

* Stop software installation without your consent
* Lock or Encrypt your Files and Folders. Encrypt multiple directories (all sub directories) rather than just a single directory
* Lock files, folders and even application
* Compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
* Available as a freeware for single PC

WinGuard Pro download
If you are looking for an easy-to-use freeware, to password-protect your files & folders, restrict access to installed programs or built-in Windows application, you may definitely want to check out WinGuard Pro. It is all that it promises – and more!

Download your copy of WinGuard Pro 2014 here. You will see the download links at the right side. WinGuard Pro is free – you get 1 free PC License by default, to use anywhere. If you need more, you have to order them.

On the Task Lock tab you'll notice there are folders that are set by default.
* Remote Desktop Connection
* Windows Task Manager
* Task Manager
* Registry Editor
* Windows Powershell
* Windows Powershell (x86)
* Windows Powershell ISE
* Windows Powershell ISE (x86)
* System Configuration
* Command Prompt
You can leave these or change their settings (by removing the check).

I do hope you enjoy this program. Always keep your system safe from prying eyes.
Thank You for your time.


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Mar 13, 2014
Re: WinGuard Pro: Password protect files, folders, Windows a

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