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Ya Gotta Love Apple


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Nov 5, 2018
After being ordered by EU courts to make iPhones more repairable and move to the USB "C" connectoer, Apple pulls this this move Click HERE. Youhave got to love it. iPhones are Apple's cash cow. All other hardware line sales have declined.
I started my new job today and couldn't help notice the Surface sitting in the corner unused.
After thinking about it, I guess I shouldn't bitch. Microsoft is EOL Windows 10 for no good reason. Win 11 isn't much more than 10 except for some features. No reason why you can't continue support for 10 other than you are a software company and forcing some folks to buy new systems with a new O/S license.
Apple's moves always stir up some discussions, don't they? It's interesting to see how they adapt to regulations and market dynamics. iPhones are undeniably a big part of their business. Congrats on your new job! Feel free to share more about your observations. Here, you can find some interesting guides about iPhones https://multitechverse.com/. I hope you like it!
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