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deemix 2021.05.30-1c5b18dc16


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First BETA build of the new version of deemix (deemix-gui)
- "Login via deezer.com" is not implemented, you can use the new login form underneath it.
- "Link analyzer" Tab is not yet implemented
- Changing child in a Deezer family account is not yet implemented
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[webui] feat: track, album, playlist template variables; fix: deemix icon on slim sidebar; Added support for pasting multiple tracks directly from Spotify
[webui] Fixed family account switch in settings

Merge branch 'fix-new-releases' into 'main'

Fix new releases for some obscure channels

See merge request RemixDev/deemix-pyweb!2

sha1: 85E9E0BDB04247A56530EC0E13DE4A945DB328D9
Current - latest commit.

sha1: 37F1A7CC9C69D3488BAB40A720E47F632E5B0EE2
Current - latest commit.

sha1: E96917AB27FFD860BBC608AD8635C04F95BB80D6
Current - latest commit.

sha1: 77F715F5B5DF264B21F060BE3EDDAEAEA1022C51
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Current - latest commit.

sha1: 031D8315CA779D3E9CBD6E4E915F37C87618405D

  • Added start and finish generating queueItem toasts for better feedback
  • Added link context to queueItems generating errors
  • Made the --server flag work again
  • Fixed app not closing when sending termination signal
  • Fixed download errors when some data is missing
  • Fixed download of local mp3s
  • Fixed SYLT tag adding blank lines (Music players can read that as end of file)

Link: https://deemix.app/pyweb/

Main Web Site: https://deemix.app/
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