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deemix is a deezer downloader library

It is a free and open source tool that lets you store your favorite music in your hard disk.
This way you can arrange and manage it as you like with the benefit of listening while you are offline.
You just need to register for a free account on deezer and then follow the instructions within the deemix app.

Deezer_logo.png is an online music streaming service (like Spotify). It allows users to listen to music content from record labels on various devices online or offline. Created in Paris, France, Deezer currently has 56 million licensed tracks in its library, with over 30,000 radio channels, 14 million monthly active users, and 7 million paid subscribers as of January 2019. (Source: Wikipedia)

deemixgui is a portable and pretty stable Electron application, but currently there are no official builds from the developers. I have built the package from the source and i will try to maintain it till the official builds become available.

More info at:

  • Download
  • Unzip
  • Run deemixgui
  • Login with your account (Instructions within the app)
Tested and working on Windows 10 64bit
Clean report 1 | Clean report 2

If you like the service and this tool, feel free to support deezer and the deemix developers or even better, the artists themselves ;)
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