microsoft office pro plus 2016


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  1. M

    AutoKMS removal

    Hi! I'm trying to remove the fake license of Office 2016 Pro activated with autokms. However, the software I activated it with either evaporated from my PC, or is hiding pretty well... Any advices? Cheers Mike
  2. Shalashaska

    Office 2016 installed - My windows now wants me to update it

    Hello. My first post here. Ive read the rules and made sure this question was not existing on the boards before I made a thread about it. Basically, I downloaded Office 2016 yesterday. Everything works perfect except me not being able to change the language (any help with that would be very...
  3. S

    Problem with installing office 2016 on windows 10

    I am getting this error: We're sorry, we can't continue because we weren't able to download a required file. Please make sure you're connected to the Internet or connect to a different network, then try again. I have tried disabling real-time protection on window defender and don't have any...
  4. S

    Microsoft office pro plus 2016 not fully installing on Windows 10.

    Office pro plus 2016 won't fully install on Windows 10. I get about 90% installation then it just sits there and does nothing (box saying 'installing Office. We'll be done in just a moment"). Been like that for nearly 2 hours. This is the 2nd time I've tried to install it (deleted all traces of...