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After update no Sleep or Hibernation


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Jun 27, 2020
Windows 10
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I'll try to make this brief:
Dell XPS13 9333, I've had nothing but trouble with it since I bought it 4 months ago. Put a 1tb drive in it, and partitioned it roughly 250gb and 650gb.
I posted about the WiFi seldom waking up after sleep, well, that go fixed when "something unknown" trashed the system - I had pulled out a month old Acronis 2020 image and restored it (just the partition, not the drive). The WiFi problem was gone afterwards - dunno, it's a computer ... BUT THE IMAGE WAS PERFECT - remember this.
2-3 days ago Windows Update TOTALLY trashed the system so that I could not boot it in any manner, so I went back to THAT image. sonneries gratuites
Restore went dandy, everything's fine but NOW it will not sleep or hibernate. When it tries to do either, the screen blanks the keyboard, backlight does not go out/turn off UNTIL the system gives up and shuts down.
I have put 2 other (READ: different) images on this and they all act the same.
I gone through the BIOS and nothing changed (not much TO change) but this seems to be the "Ghost in The Machine".
sonneries nokia: https://sonneriesgratuite.com/nokia/
I've gone through EVERYTHING, run the troubleshooter, checked bloody everything - I'm pulling out what little hair I've left.
Win 10.0.19041.508.
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Nov 5, 2018
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Well the good news is I think I own one of these so you are in luck.
The bad news is a question. Does your system have (uggh) the optional Touch Screen? I'm hoping it doesn't but thinking it might. No worries, I work on a ton of Dells, I think we can figure this out.
It's a heck of a nice system when we get the crap worked out, I promise.
I'll check this out tonight, off to work now.


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Nov 5, 2018
Windows 10
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Well yes I have the exact model. i7-4510U 8GB RAM Win 10 when I set this u Home 64 1909 but updating as I write this.
It is a touch screen as well.
Now if memory serves me well it's a graphics driver problem. The driver that W Update installs is no bueno perhaps because it's a touch screen. The fix is to go to Dell's site and grab Dell's vetted driver.
A couple of things worth noting. Windows update stops at 1909 build 18363.1198 and now reports it's up to date.
My video driver is and I am pretty sure it's not from Microsoft.
So anyway I tried to update this driver from Dell's latest offering and it was rejected saying this driver is older than the installed one which it is. I can't remember where this one came from it was last year this up, maybe Intel. I would still recommend using Dell's driver but do a complete uninstall of the current driver.

I can't tell you how many problems I have encountered with Win 10 later revisions and video drivers esp. with touch screens. All I can tell you for the most part they seem ignored by Microsoft since all they do is WDM after the manufacturer supplies them. There seems to be some differences between these drivers and the OEM drivers supplied by system specific downloads.
Give this a try and get back to me. If that doesn't work we can get into your system specifics.
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