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Apple Follies Part Deux


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Nov 5, 2018
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(This starts out like a joke. It's anything but, or maybe it is?)
OK Well a friend calls up. Says his MacBook air won't start, it gives him a sad face after trying to fix itself. The Apple stores are closed but the dial up genius says the hard drive took a crap, so be it.
I tested it with generic software and yes the HD is dead.
Two options, Go to Apple and get raped for a new HD or go to the OEM manufacturer who makes the exact drive Apple wants to sell me but no Apple ID on it. Same exact drive mind you, functionally and electronically the same. OWC sold me the HD as an exact replacement. Fine.
Put it in, loaded the OS , moved the files installed the software, etc. All is well. Sent the MacBook home.
A couple of weeks later I get an email. Trouble. If he leaves the system on all night and I guess it goes to sleep or whatever Apples do it doesn't always wake up properly. I did replace the battery and power settings had to be changed in order to "condition" it according to Apple instructions. I might have missed something resetting the power settings when I was finished, so I take it back. Nope all is good.
While I have it I try to recreate the problem, no luck. Well maybe I fixed the problem or none exists, sent it home.
Another week passes and I get another email, the problem returned. I should add that both times because I guess this is knee jerk for Apple users he's on the phone with the geniuses. They say, "Well it's not an Apple HD, that's the problem".
What? The company who makes all of Apple's portable HDs made the darn thing and assured me 100% compatibility!
So I take the system back again and prepare to send the HD back for warranty refund.
That's when I contacted OWC's customer help people. What a professional group, I was thoroughly impressed with their responses. They first went through the power settings with me and they were correct. The rep then ask I forward the logs which I did. What happened next shouldn't have surprised me.
Their engineering department reviewed the logs. Turns out I was not the only person to experience the problem. OWC's engineers first alerted and requested a fix from Apple in Feb 2020. They indicated that they have not gotten a response from Apple as of Aug 2020 after repeated requests.
So the engineers had developed their own solution to the problem. It required the execution of a few Linux commands which is probably beyond the scope of most Apple owners. The modified one part of the sleep program but found it had absolutely no negative effect on increased battery drain and it did eliminate the problem. Sure enough all is well in Apple land for my friend now, no thanks to Apple's crack team of geniuses. Big cred to OWC, they fixed it despite no help from above. Gotta love it. No gotcha on selling me the same HD at twice the price that you have played a trick with branding the firmware Apple! Meh.
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