Battery issue


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Jun 23, 2017
Windows 10
Chrome 76.0.3809.132
I need a bit of assistance.
I have an Hp Compaq Pavilion dv3000 laptop. Serial Number CNU84042RM OS Win 10 Pro

Over the years the battery wears out and i have replaced it before without any issues.
This time the battery wore out and i placed it as normal I purchased the replacement battery from the same dealer as i have used in the past and it is the correct battery for the laptop.

I installed the replacement and it charged as usual, and according to the battery meter in the system, it shows 100% charged. However, when i unplug from the charger and attempt to run off the battery, the battery is flat (dead). I ran an Hp Diagnostics on the battery and it shows that the battery needs to be replaced. (It is a new battery)
Could i have gotten a bad battery from the supplier, or is there something else wrong? Thanks in advance.