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DAEMON Tools Pro - Activator Issue


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New Member
Nov 25, 2016
Hi guys. I have a problem here.
As instruction, after the installation, I have disable antivirus and the firewall, but when I launch the activator, it still say: "TO ACTIVATE THE FIREWALL SHOULD BE TURNED OFF!".
I check every-fucking-setting, I disabled everything, but the error still appear and, of course, the activator doesn't work.
Copy patch file in to installation directory, run as administrator (make sure your AV isnt blcking it) and it should work.
Same here. Tried a variety of methods including (after disabling AV and FW) using the activator as-is, moving it to the installation directory, using a compatibility setting and more.

Should we kill the verification step by killing the internet when starting this (after patching)?

Could you, the ultra uber admin, send a PM my way? =)
Signed up coz it didnt work for me too. Done all things I could do, registry, dtpro.dat, firewalls and rules, turning of AVs, etc but none of them work. <sigh>

Happy Holidays