Dell Precision M6700 Desktop Workstation


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Nov 5, 2018
Windows 7
Chrome 76.0.3809.100
So check it out.
I have had this thing loaded w/Win 10 and sitting under my current XPS i7 17" laptop for many months now.
My the specs are about the same as in the article I posted. Should be a real barn-burner, no? Nope, it's a pig. Before I left today I took the rear cover off the case and blew the heat sinks out. They were a bit dusty but no help.
So anyway I initially put a 256GB sata SSD in Drive C for a boot drive. Data/working drive is a 1TB 5,400 HD. I installed a 256GB NVMe SSD drive just before I left tonight to replace the current boot drive. I guess I will do a clean install of Win 10 in the morning.
I am dumping the XPS because no matter what I do it keeps BSOD because lack of Win 10 compatible Nvidia drivers.
So WTF? I ran CPUz and it looked OK. Nothing in the device manager looks wrong. The drivers should be all good.
I am about to break down and set up some really insane workstation tower and say the heck with it but I really don't care to sacrifice that much space in the lab.
Well it's me or the Precision. I have had a couple of stand-offs with some really stubborn systems lately but I won't give up.
Don't ask me about last week's run-in with the Latitude touch-screens. #1 I hate touch screens if you love them good for you. As long as you will pay me money to buy them so be it. #2 Not sure Dell was really serious making Latitude touch screens. The two I worked on last week were more like very limited production prototypes, VERY unlike Latitudes. Dell won't have much luck if they keep making them like that.

Stay tuned. More to come with this saga. I hope I am going to have a learning experience I can share with this board. Otherwise it would be stripped to the component level and the different materials sent out for recycling and reuse.
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