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Enhanced Windows 365 App Experience – Re-imagining mobile productivity


Staff member
Nov 29, 2020
At Microsoft, our mission is to provide people with effective tools to boost productivity. Windows 365 enables you to securely stream your full Windows experience - including personalized apps, content and settings—from the Microsoft Cloud to any device, anywhere using a Windows 365 Cloud PC. We are excited to introduce the Enhanced Windows 365 App Experience, a built-in experience for Android devices that empowers you to harness the capabilities of a full-fledged Windows experience powered by the Microsoft Cloud right from your Android smartphone. Together with our partners at Lenovo, we recently announced and released this experience to market as a built-in integration with the ThinkPhone by Motorola. Let's explore how this experience can enhance mobile productivity.

Elevating mobile productivity with effortless connection

Whether you're a remote worker in need of a virtual office, a frontline employee in the field needing a workstation, an enterprise executive on the move, or simply someone who values the versatility of a PC wherever you are, the Enhanced Windows 365 App Experience is designed to accommodate a wide range of users across different situations and business contexts. The magic happens when you connect your device to a larger external display using a USB-C or HDMI cable, along with an external keyboard and mouse. This simple setup transforms your smartphone into a portable productivity hub, enabling you to work efficiently wherever you are. The compatibility with various monitors and peripherals and even the built-in virtual trackpad on the phone further enhances the Windows Cloud PC experience.

Instant access to Windows 365 Cloud PCs

Once you sign into your enterprise (Microsoft Entra) account and connect the phone to an external display, the list of cloud PCs appears instantly on selecting Windows 365. You can select the Cloud PC of your choice, and dive into the existing workflows in a simple one-touch experience. We went even further to make this experience frictionless. For a zero-touch experience, you can enable the “Start automatically” feature found as a setting on the phone. This feature automatically configures your displays for seamless connection to your chosen Cloud PC. Opt in to “Save credentials” the first time you sign into your Cloud PC, and start your Cloud PC instantly when you connect the phone to your work or home display.
A mobile phone connected to the Connected Cloud PC, along with the words Start your Cloud PC automatically from your phone

Immersive Windows experience

A mobile phone next to the Windows 11 desktop, along with the words Enjoy the full Windows 11 experience right from your phone
Pair a keyboard and mouse, and dive into an immersive Windows experience, as your device adapts to familiar keyboard gestures, leaving behind the interruptions of Android mobile UI elements.

Seamless multi-tasking

A mobile phone next to an Excel file, along with the words Get more done from your phone with Windows 365
With the Enhanced Windows 365 App Experience, you can continue to access your favorite applications on your smartphone while working on the Cloud PC on the connected display. Whether you need to make calls, send and receive messages, or check your social media feeds, you can do it all without disrupting your workflows on your Cloud PC session. You can easily balance between your work and personal tasks without missing a single moment.

Elevate your Microsoft Teams calls with ease

Seamlessly enhance your Microsoft Teams calls by utilizing your phone's camera, phone’s speakers and mic, or any connected speakers. Choose your preferred device from the built-in experience on the phone and enjoy the freedom to switch while remaining fully connected. In conclusion, the Enhanced Windows 365 App Experience streamlines your work life with its seamless smartphone-to-Windows 365 connection. It's an experience built for productivity, ensuring your Cloud PC is ready the moment you plug in. This technology is poised to change how we work, offering a more efficient and flexible workday.

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