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Help! Im stuck don't know what to do anymore, 3 times BSOD makes my SSD RAW :(


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New Member
Aug 20, 2020
Hi guys!

I really really need help, my newly built PC had 3 times BSOD both BSOD turns my SSD into RAW format

First BSOD: the first time was after playing some games like maybe 2 hours, then i left my PC idle, when i back to my PC it turns BSOD with stop code CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED, because this is newly pc build nothing was on my SSD only windows, and 1 games on my HDD, ill do clean install windows on my ssd, turns out each partition on my SSD cannot be deleted or formatted it even cannot be installed windows, checking through diskpart the SSD format went to RAW, ill tried chkdsk, formatting through diskpart it just wont do it because the SSD is RAW, well confusing enough, ill tried to install windows to my HDD, it went go smoothly no problem at all, then im checking my SSD sector using Aomei and HD sentinel it says 100% Bad Sector, I was surprised since it was newly bought SSD

From this moment i though i got a defect product, then i bought a new SSD same size, same Brand.

Second BSOD: A week after my windows installed on HDD it went perfectly fine, then my new SSD arrived, installed the SSD, installed windows on my new SSD, playing games for like 6 hours running fine and turned off my PC, a week later it turns to BSOD again when downloading games from Steam, but this times i cant read the stop code because its already restarted, but when i boot from usb windows, checking via diskpart, the SSD went to RAW but i manage to clean it using diskpart, and clean install windows again to my SSD, again it runs fine, playing games fine, checking my SSD sector via HD sentinel, chkdsk, Adata SSD Tool, all clean no bad sector, health at 100%, then i turn off the PC .

I only can play on my PC once a week so the next week i turn on my PC it goes BSOD again :(

Third BSOD: This time the BSOD comes with stop code: KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR What Failed: amdppm.sys It restarted and comes with another stop code: 0xc000021a tried to clean install again, and it won't happen, checking through diskpart it turns to RAW again, right now i dont know what to do anymore, trying to install windows to my HDD, clean it using diskpart, create new partition and click next to install it wont happen, it says We couldnt create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files. Now im stuck cant install windows to both my SSD and HDD.

This is My PC spec: Ryzen 5 3600, MSI B450M Mortar Max, Klevv Bolt X 16GB 3600Mhz, ADATA SU650 240GB (2 times bought same size, same brand), WDC 1TB, MSI RX 570 4GB Gaming X

and i had motherboard speaker installed, every boot only beep once (which means from what i know the PC component run properly)

Im stuck now please help :(, any help would be appreciated, thank you!
It's the mobo brother. Think about it. It's really the only issue you haven't addressed. There is some history with this particular mobo and SSD. I know this isn't going to be popular but that's why I avoid AMD products, they seem to have some kind of weird issue sometimes. Check the SSD on another system if at all possible. My money is it will check out fine, you are barking up the wrong tree. You have already replaced that drive once.
So was it the Mobo? Had to be. Who ever heard of a HD driver error? Maybe back in the day but no longer. I should have mentioned testing on that board is probably a waste of time if the board is the problem.
And you paid all that hard earned money to have this nonsense happen. No justice in this world I tell ya.