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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube suspended in Turkey after blast


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Jun 26, 2021

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube suspended in Turkey after blast​

  • November 14, 2022
  • 04:17 AM
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turkey flag

Following yesterday's deadly blast on İstiklal Avenue in Istanbul, Turkish authorities began restricting access to social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Telegram as a nationwide broadcast ban went into effect.

Turkish ISPs throttle social media after blast​

Reports of a bomb blast taking place on Istanbul's busy İstiklal street began circulating on Sunday, November 13th on social media platforms.
The explosion, which has now been deemed a terrorist attack, purportedly occurred at around 4:20 PM local time near Taksim Square and left at least 8 dead and 81 injured.
Warning: Sensitive content. Viewer discretion advised.

Following the tragic incident that sent chills down everyone's spines, Turkish residents were met with another unexpected happening—a broadcast ban from Turkey's Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) that discouraged dissemination of information related to the attack.
Turkish Internet Service Providers (ISPs) began throttling access to social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Telegram:
Instagram inaccessible in Turkey on Nov 13 2022
Instagram inaccessible in Turkey on Nov 13, 2022 (BleepingComputer)
Sources based in Turkey shared with BleepingComputer that they were unable to access social media apps restricting flow of updates and information concerning the incident. No significant disruption was reported by WhatsApp users, however.
After analyzing network traffic, internet watchdog NetBlocks confirmed that a widespread social media restriction was in effect across the nation, although access is being restored as of this morning.
"Real-time NetBlocks metrics show that social media and communications platforms Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and some Telegram servers were restricted from Sunday afternoon," stated NetBlocks.
"The measure was initially implemented on leading network operator Turk Telekom, and subsequently extended to cover most major internet providers. Metrics are taken from an initial set of 50 vantage points across the country and corroborate user reports of service unavailability."

Social media law sparks fears of censorship​

Last month, Turkey's "disinformation" law proposed by President Erdoğan's ruling AK Party went into effect.
The law, which has been sharply criticized, penalizes social media users and journalists for spreading "fake news." Anyone found guilty of spreading false information to "create fear and disturb public order" in Turkey faces up to three years in prison.
"With this new law...the goal is to control social media because conventional media is already under Erdogan's control," exiled Turkish journalist Sevgi Akarcesme had told CNBC in October.
Whereas, Ozgur Ogret, a Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) representative said the law impacts anybody with "the ability to speak, or read and write," and can lead to self-censorship.
To some extent, this is the right reaction of the authorities. But it is businesses that suffer first and foremost from such blockages. Which are related to sales on Instagram.
I agree but social media has become such a debacle. It's like a bunch of gossip groups each member trying to out best the other. Fact checking is non-existent as well as reality in many cases.
People find a group spouting something they want to believe is true and I guess they feel in numbers of people who agree make it so. That is so terribly wrong.
Now suppression of the facts in the case of government unrest may be warranty, but let's step back and look at Jan. 6 2022 in the US. There's a prime example of crown manipulation and we have seen the ramifications and it's not pretty.
So what's the answer? I have no idea, but the current situation has to stop. My dad was a politician for decades and always said people vote for their wallets. I think that's true with social media and the nonsense that is perpetuated there. It's a very dangerous tool, criminals use it for illegal activities. Violent groups who wish to cause unrest and damage get the word out on social media.
But do you see what I mean? The end result is people looking to financially enrich themselves regardless of the facts or truth. I am a degreed scientist and one thing that was drilled into me is developing the ability to objectively observe what's going on and have facts to back up my conclusions.
I got sick of the SPAM, SCAM, FAKE, users on Social Media Networks that is why we created a social network that has no SPAMMERS, Scammers, Brute Force. No political posts. I/We had to prove that 1 man can make a better social network as we check the reputation of every IP assuring 99.9% Clean and fast network. To me it is very interesting how one person can secure a website far better than the rest. The other guys have massive teams and seem to be worthless for the most part. AFFA Social been up for almost 4 years with 10 members all other registrations in the years were SPAM and Brute Force we had thousands or users after checking them 1 by 1 we came up with a process that put a stop to this activity. AFFA Social always on, Always Free and always will be. I stopped advertising like fiverr for traffic. and in 2023 we will start a new approach for only real people registering.
My daughter is in Istanbul right now. Without looking at the date this was posted, I reached out to her in a panic.
No worries Secondlaw, I hope she remains safe. Turkey is pretty stable or so we are led to believe. Honestly Instagram kicked me off after somebody stole my email address and their shitty security didn't catch it. Haven't bothered to get a new account, a brain drain.