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Issues downloading Adobe Acrobat PRO XI 11.0.20 Crack


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New Member
Aug 10, 2017
I came here because i tried to download your file Adobe acrobat PRO XI 11.0.20 I got off Pirate Bay. I do not understand the instructions below when it gets to #5. Can you explain in detail where the crack file is located and named. Really confused at #5

1) Stop the application if started
2) Open AcrobatPro.exe and extract in desktop
3) In desktop go extraced folder then run AcrobatPro.exe
4) Install update file 'AcrobatUpd11020.exe'
5) Copy Crack file in to installation folder then run patch as administtrator
There exist post for this issue:
isgtz said:
PS. The whole set of instructions should look:

1. Stop the application if started
2. Open AcrobatPro.exe and extract it in desktop
3. In desktop go to extraxted folder then run AcroPro.msi
3.1 Select free trial when installing.
4. Click on update file AcrobatUpd11020.msp and install it
5.1 Copy Crack file "amtemu.v0.9.1-painter" into installation folder (typically Windows/Programs/Adobe/Acrobat 11.0/Acrobat
5.2 Run "amtemu.v0.9.1-painter" as administtrator (a black text window will open)
5.3 Once the dialogue box opens up asking to precise the file, chose "amtlib.dll"; click open
5.4 Wait untill "WORK DONE" appears on the black window; close this window
Is this crack still working for others in Win10? I had it running on my new machine for about 24 hours - after a HUGE amount of futzing around - then I started getting demanding popups from Adobe CC to do with providing a license...now it's essentially not usable again. I had it running previously on two machines, going back well into 2017, IIRC, so I know it USED to work.

Also - I assume one has to whitelist amtlib.dll in their AV software, or it will get picked up as a virus, yes? Even so, I can't get it to run now.
I've gone through the crack process repeatedly again, whitelisted amtlib.dll in McAfee, but something's still taking it out. In Program Files, drilling down to the Acrobat folder, I end up with
amtlib.dll.DEL (1786 kB) and
AMTLIB.DLL (just 48 kB).
Software works OK for about a day's worth of computing prior to this.