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Lost/missing folder on desktop


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New Member
Sep 28, 2022
Windows 10
I had a folder on my desktop that i kept important apps, documents and files in after decluttering that seems to have randomly disappeared. My first thought is that I may have deleted it by accident or moved it to a different drive while mass selecting pictures, but it doesn't make sense. I say this because I run a live wallpaper app that's always running and the mp4 file it uses was located in that folder on my desktop.

When i went to turn off my pc for the night the wallpaper was still running, so that means that file was still on the C :drive and hadn't been moved or deleted. Also there were files still in my recycle bin, so I know I didn't delete anything. Still the next morning the folder was gone.

I've ran 3 different types of recovery software, couldn't find any files. I've used the search bar in windows explorer to search all my drives and can't find anything. It's not hidden or invisible, there was no update and it wasn't removed to quarantine. I've tried everything and don't where else to look.

I'm open for suggestions because I have no idea where it could have gone or how to recover it. I spent years procuring everything in that folder and there are also some important documents in there as well.

i appreciate any help.
open winrar and go in to that location, check if your folder is there?
My first thought is the file allocation table is corrupt however most recovery programs will look for raw files as they usually have start, stop and type in the headers which the programs utilize and work so long as those sectors aren't over-written. The last ditch effort would be remove the drive and either mount it in another system or a USB adaptor if the former isn't available. I have had that work in a couple of times, has to be some kind of NTFS bug.
Good luck, I hope you find the missing folder.
Just a reminder, If it's really important, back it up off site (portable USB, cloud?)
open winrar and go in to that location, check if your folder is there?
A minor suggestion, I have had a problem in the past like this and for some unknown reason, I found it inside another directory, maybe?


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