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Nov 5, 2018
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I went for an hour or so stroll around my local Micro Center today I was in the area and I had promised a customer I would pick something up for them. To make a long story short the Microsoft marketing people must have visited there lately. All decked out were a few Surface laptops. They are impressive looking but they have a huge 6-figure + price tag to go along with them.
So MS is trying to compete with the Apple laptops, there's a huge profit in that. The unfortunate irony is the in the same section are under $200 Acer laptops running the same exact operating system with comparable RAM and HD. Good luck with that MS. Now you know why Apple keeps everything proprietary. Pretty only goes so far with a Windows box.
Biggest laugh of the day goes to all the DisplayPort to HDMI adapters. Some of them are 40 bucks USD! It's a pin for pin conversion. DisplyPort is HDMI with no audio. Dumbest move ever for HP and Dell who adopted that format. They both moved back to HDMI last year. That is another discussion.
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Aug 18, 2010
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My boss has microsoft surface 4 tablet, only thing i like is design, with that money you can get much better lenovo laptop.