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PANTONE Color of the Year for 2022 comes to Windows 11 wallpaper


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Nov 29, 2020
The PANTONE Color of the Year for 2022 has been announced: PANTONE 17–3938 Very Peri. The color — a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a violet-red undertone — will now start appearing in Windows 11, Teams, Microsoft Edge, PowerPoint and more, the Microsoft Design team said on Thursday. "Color is a part of every design decision we make here at Microsoft, and we wanted to incorporate this new color into our designs in a way that could inspire people to feel more empowered and creative in their daily endeavors," the team said in a blog post. "Periwinkle blues are special in that they encompass the trusted and dependable qualities of the blues, yet their purple cast makes them feel more playful and joyous. This simultaneous message of credibility and excitement sets an ideal tone for creative collaboration and personal expression, which are needed more than ever at work." [caption id="attachment_176672" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]
Windows wallpaper featuring PANTONE Very Peri color
New Windows wallpaper featuring PANTONE Very Peri color[/caption] Head over to the blog post for details on what went into the creation of the new color and how the Microsoft Design team is rethinking digital experiences for Windows, Microsoft 365 and more. Get Windows wallpaper in Pantone Color of the Year 2022 - Microsoft Store.

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A way back when in the dark ages, I was pretty active in printing, high end 4 color advertising and was a purchasing manager for a high end printer. You learn to really hate the Pantone Matching System, turns into a royal pain in the ass.
These days we know so much more how color is perceived that little book of color samples somewhat obsolete. They must have paid M/S for this little promotional stunt.
The approach of using color to inspire creativity and empower users in their daily activities aligns perfectly with the need for both reliability and a touch of playfulness in design.
Incorporating this kind of color into technology interfaces can really change the user experience, making it more engaging and personal. If you're inspired by this move and looking to explore more unique and creative designs for your digital spaces, you might want to check out anonymous wallpapers collection of anonymous technology wallpapers. They offer a variety of imaginative and high-quality designs that can add an extra layer of personality to your devices.
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