Performance % ramps up for CPU, Mem & Power until Task Mgr is opened


Jan 22, 2016
Maywood, NJ - United States of America
Windows 10
Firefox 77.0

I am on Windows 10 Home but have been on an insider preview channel for a very long time without many issues at all until now. Yes, I get the obvious point about to be made by everyone. I am also the same person that has just posted about imminently switching to Win 10 Pro but having a challenge doing so. That issue is/has been addressed in the other post.

I have been facing the problem I am about to describe for a while but it is finally getting on my last nerve and since I will be delayed on upgrading to pro for a little bit I have decided to address the problem. The issue is that I will be using my laptop (parameters of my laptop provided below) it will consistently, spontaneously have the fan turn on and that is the indication to me that the performance is being taken over by "something" causing either my CPU, RAM or Power to ramp up really high percentage wise sometimes even to 100%. but within a few moments of my opening my task manager it starts to drop completely to normal ranges. I am wondering if anyone has ever experienced anything like this or knows what might be going on? I am a help desk tech with 25 yrs experience in the "biz" and I run a tight ship with an extremely clean machine.

Here's the config of my machine:

HP DV7 6b32US Laptop purchased in 2011. I have upgraded it nicely over the years and I am still quite happy with it. The upgrades now on the laptop have it in the condition of the following:

Windows 10 Home - but here's the "cute" wrinkle - important later - I am on the fast ring of the Windows 10 Insider Preview Channel (IPC)

C: Drive is: (recently upgraded) Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD

Second physical internal drive of 2TB I think it is a Hitachi 1TB mechanical


Intel Core i7 Quad core - 2.4 ghz

Malwarebytes for the security software and Windows Defender Firewall

I will update this thread with a screenshot of my task manager the next time the issue happens. All comments and suggestions appreciated. Please do not suggest wiping out and doing a clean install as I have too many programs installed and plan on doing an upgrade in place to Win 10 Pro shortly.


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