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Realtek HD Audio no longer functional


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Jun 23, 2012
Windows 10
Firefox 72.0
So, not sure when it happened, but I was hooking up my stereo amp to the computer in the 2nd audio slot and realized the Realtek HD Audio manager is no longer functional.
After some searching I found a page that tells me to browse to the folder in Program Files and open it manually, perhaps making a shortcut on the desktop. The thing won't open. Tried all the compatibility settings. No go. So,... how do i use the 2nd slot on the audio card, the built-in one. I have a sound blaster i can't get working but that is for another time.
So, i did find in the properties for the 'speakers' as listed in the windows audio settings, that there was an EQ option that is similar to the one from the Realtek manager. That is a plus. But I don't see how to utilize the other jacks/slots on the audio card, the motherboard one. It has 5 or 6 i forget now, lol.
I'm going to look once more at it and the settings, just to be sure I'm really not seeing it.
It has 5 3.5 jacks and a digital jack (red led).
The 'speaker properties' window has in the first tab 3 jacks listed:
C Sub

I guess I will try them individually to see if it is possible to make it work with both sets of speakers (as full LR each) or maybe I will just have to switch them out as needed. Or I could possibly do a 2nd output on my stereo amp (but it is a car stereo amp and it doesn't have one, lol; i could get a better amp).

Anyway... so I'd like to be able to use the Realtek Sound Manager again. What a shame.
it is ALC 1170 I think ... 1150 that is. Looks like no support since 2017.

A final option I've read of is to simply uninstall allt he realtek stuff, doesn't work anyway, and then all the audio stuff in Device Manager, and reboot and windows will do the automatic thing with the best it can do. probably the same as now.

What do you think? Anybody else have this problem? I realize now that I hadn't gotten it to work since the new motherboard, but I've been using an adequate 2.1 Logitech speaker setup and the basic EQ, till now.

[i tried the 2nd and 3rd jacks and got nothing at all.]
{very disappointing}

[[it occurred to me that the other 2 jacks are the pink MIC and the blue LINE-IN]]

[[[well, lost the EQ when i uninstalled realtek and went with just microsoft drivers and windows software; guess i'll re-install realtek; good grief]]]

{so, i never got it to work with this new motherboard, using the software from the motherboard or any download; but the eq works in the Enhancements tab as seen below}

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