Same computer, different users showing


Dec 9, 2019
Windows 8.1
Chrome 85.0.4183.121
I have a Windows 10 laptop that is shared on my network. When I look at it from my Windows 8.1 laptop, I see don't see the same Users locally on the 10. How can that happen. I copied a file to a users folder on the 10 from the 8.1 but it's not there. Name here is just an example of what I see.

Laptop Win 10 when looked at locally is named ABC
Users are moe, larry, public

Laptop Win 10 from the 8.1 shows it as named ABC also but...
Users are a, b, public
None are what I see locally on the 10


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Nov 5, 2018
Windows 10
Chrome 85.0.4183.121
I think it may have to do with Windows 10 eliminating the home group local network. I think the home group thing was kind of wacky anyway. I wish I could help you more with that but it has to do with network permissions that weren't an option with Windows 10. Setting the 8.1 systems to public should fix the problem but I am guessing. This question begs to be asked. Why do you continue to torture yourself with 8.1? It was a bad idea meant to somehow bring the touch/tablet systems into a universal GUI. I think it's estimated that <5% of Windows systems still run it.

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