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SNIPPING TOOL _ Windows 11


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Feb 12, 2024
Hello , I do a lot of Family History ( More than 10 years ) and have had to Purchase new computer ( Problems with Windows file system which could not be fixed - " They tried , a lot " . On this new computer was Windows 11 ! " Oh dear I hear you say " . Windows 11 Snipping Tool - Amazing ! , how bad could someone " Improve " such a thing . I have used Windows 10 version ever since it came out - excellent / Easy to use / Idiot proof . The new version takes much longer to save an image - multi key on control / Shift oblong control screen out the way of the image / Saves on a new folder " Screen shots " / You then have to name the image / Then move to Title screen / Then to the file I have used for years / THEN onto the " Ancestry " site .
This used to be done in quarter of the time and mouse " Clicks " .WHO the ****** managed to get this pile of old horse biscuits onto Windows 11 ?
Could we have the Windows 10 Snipping Tool on the Windows store site , I would even PAY for it . The new version has all the Improvements of a " New front door with the hinges at the bottom ??? Still opens" ( Mind you it has knocked out two postal workers ! and scared the neighbours cat AND you have to walk over it ? BUT it is an IMPROVEMENT .)
" IF IT AIN`T BROKE , DON`T MEND IT " , sorry for the poor grammar .
What I use with Windows 11 is "ScreenRec" Works fantastic for Windows 11 and its free :) Enjoy

BTW if you use Opera Browser "ctrl shift 5" is my favorite snipper


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