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svchost.exe (localsystemnetworkrestricted) high disk usage


New Member
Jun 16, 2017

So I already disabled the Superfetch and search indexes that Windows loves to gather intel on my and what I do. SO that isn't the problem. I'm thinking it might be a RAM issue but I can't tell. I still have three more months on a warranty that I can use to upgrade to a new system. That being said if the problem persist in so many systems across the internet why not try and fix the problem. I really down deep am hoping it is something wrong with Windows and of course they will plan on charging for the service pack to fix it. :bombabad: The symptom is this: Only when watching a video, movie or show my computer completely freezes for about a minute. Then goes back to normal like nothing happens. I've never had any issue playing games or anything else....except a wierd freeze and explore crashing when I right click on any file in file explore. This is an ASUS ROG GV552 laptop running on WIndows 10. I use to have Ubuntu running in the background then VM'ing into Windows but just blah blah excuse.