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Tom's 2024 Guide to VPN's


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I think it's a informative unbiased revue of current VPNs available in the 1st quarter of 2024. Defenitely worth a read.
REMEMBER: Don't leave home (or torrent) without your VPN. You may end up being very sorry otherwise.

click here---> Tom's Guide to VPNs
Why do you need a review, you know what a vpn do, what protects and why you should buy a monthly cycle.
That to

That is to have an informed decision about overall vpns. Most people just need to hide the ip and get netflix, spotify or something else.
Honestly most people in this forum use torrents (P2P). Without the use of a VPN to mask your ISP's IP is crazy. Most ISP will gladly hand over your info to anyone who has obtained a warrant for that. Bam you're busted. The reality is you MUST use a VPN if you are downloading VIA torrents, the warnings are everywhere and they aren't kidding. Download the wrong movie or program and you may be made an example of, it happens.
This guide helps you make a choice using an unbiased review. So many reviews are skewed by the affiliate refferal payouts and that's not reserved for VPNs. It comes down to price VS performance and some features you may need depending on the country you reside in.
I made a big mistake the first VPN I signed up for (TorGuard). I have since switched to SurfShield, not the Mercedes of VPNs but does everything I expect w/great speeds. I really appreciate the software client. Don't take my word for it, read good reviews like Tom's before you pull the trigger, but don't wait too long and god forbid, don't go torrenting without a VPN!