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Unable to activate Microsoft Office PRO Plus 2021 Retail Version 2108 Build 14326.20454 FULL


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Apr 22, 2022
Hi. I have tried everything but the activation always fails. I get this message when I run KMS_VL_ALL_AIO:

Activating: Office 21, Office21ProPlus2021VL_KMS_Client_AE edition
Product Activation Failed: 0xC004F074
Remaining Period: 30 days (43143 minutes)

I am using v45 file to activate. I have tried restarting, uninstalling but it still doesn't work. Pls help!
I get this as ERROR:

==== ERROR ====
Some or all required registry values are missing.
[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\SppExtComObj.exe]
VerifierDlls, VerifierDebug, VerifierFlags, GlobalFlag, KMS_Emulation

Verify that Antivirus protection is OFF or the registry path is excluded.
Delete that registry entry. It shouldn't be there. It may be a vestige of an antivirus blocking an attempt (most like defender) from another attempt to use KMS. In that instance it may have even been successful. Otherwise I would just do a clean install, something has set off some flags at some point in your system and your only other option would to hand inspect the registry. That's why Revo is popular here. It tends to clear out all traces of a previous install.
You CAN NOT activate RETAIL version of Office with KMS!!!! You should convert to volume first. This is the most common error when activating Office. I never use KMS_VL_ALL_AIO for activating so I don't know how it behaves but I know principles how you need to do right.
2022-04-27 21_51_01-Window.png
I agree with Talaba, you cannot activate a retail version of Office.

May I ask where you received your copy of Office and the KMS Activator. I do not trust either of these from The Pirate Bay or other similar sites.

You can download a virus free version of Office from many reputable sites. I would recommend MY Digital Life. And MDL is the only place I would download an activator from.

When you use the Activator from MDL, it automatically converts the Retail version of Office to a Volume version, so it takes care of that little issue.

And then, as Thumper stated, make your your RealTime Protection is turned off and that you do not have an internet connection.

Also make sure that the SppExtComObjHool.dll file is added to the Exclusions section of Windows Security.

If you do all these things, you should be ok. Good luck.
hello I have a similiar problem.
(maybe even more noob... being honest)
I downloaded this packge from piratebay.
and I am not managing to run the KMS at all.
I just rebboted my computer to default setting so maybe there is something there that is blocking.

but when I press on it nothing happens.
tried also to upload from the command prompt and also nothing.

and when opening a program I am asked for a product key.

thanksnfor the help, I am well aware that its a noob question
Does anyone read previous posts about the Office? Everything has already been explained. You NEVER download ISO Office from any site, but you use tool that does it directly from Microsoft like this one ... Office Tool Plus
Than you use KMS_VL_ALL_AIO Password is " 2022 " KMS_VL_ALL_AIO 2022-04-28 11_49_39-Window.png
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Does anyone read previous posts about the Office?
Are you nuts? That requires some effort and some initiative. There are so many really hard questions already answered here if members would use the search feature. To answer your question search for "adobe" here and read the same old questions and complaints over and over and over and over. They swamp the Office threads BTW. I stopped responding to them.
installed successfully, but it's asking me for product activation key. help me with it.