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What DNS servers are you using?


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Nov 5, 2018
I wish I had a good answer for that question.
There are a bunch of things to consider when choosing which ones to enter.
Are you a speed freak? Google and Cloudflare are reported to be the quickest.
Leave the DNS blank and you will default to your ISP's DNS servers.
Then there are the privacy oriented DNS servers. Google is reported to record DNS activities among others. Some DNS servers guarentee your privacy.
Then there are the DNS servers that censor sites for one reason or another: Family friendly (no xxx sites), Block add serving hosts, etc.
I am not going to give any advertising for one DNS or another. I send out a pant-load of hardware that require DNS settings. My company maintains their own DNS servers that they require you to provision with those servers if they are on our MPLS network. Otherwise it's my discresion. It's not a one size fits all and has required me to ask some questions I never had to think about. It's kind of funny.
In the old days AT&T maintained a root DNS server & The public had access to the root server. It was always considered fastest or at least it would have up to date indexes, the ISP DNS's would flip about every 8 minutes back then if memory serves me well. Today there is a farm of 13 root servers that the public can't access for the most part, it used to be it was frowned up to use the root server to avoid congestion.

So Please if you have any thoughts on DNS servers, share them with the forum.
It's not as simple as you would think. Out of habit I never use my ISP's default DNS servers. Just wondering what your thoughts may be. I would not be surprised if there are all kinds of nuances with DNS's these days. Share them please with the members.

So no one is using an anti-spam, anti-malware, or family friendly DNS? They are all available. Most VPN's offer DNS with various features and many load by default when the VPN is active.
I tried out various alternatives, and settled on the Cloudflare Server. and For me, this works the best. I guess this may vary according to your Geo location, ISP, etc. God knows, but I'm kind of hooked on Cloudflare now, works like a charm.
Bump. So pretty much looks like Cloudflare seems to be the favorite between our members. Tests by respected sites show Google's DNS is maginally faster. Does anyone here their ISP's DNS (that's default if not specified in Ethernet/Wireless DNS setting also known as "Auto"). FYI as Hacxx mentioned fastest lookups are done by specify the DNS settings in the router and point all members of that network DNS settings to the router (default is usually or
So still I have my router primay DNS set to Cloudflare ( and seconary is Google (, works for me. If someone has something different I am sure the members would like to here and possibly discuss why you made that choice.