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Windows 7 remote install for elderly parents (Or am I crazy?)


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New Member
May 14, 2016
Hello members! (I'm new here.)

My elderly parents asked me to give them the gift of Windows 7 for their Dell Inspiron 17 5758 but they are not local so I'd need to do a remote install. Unsurprisingly they hate Window 10. They just received a new HDD from Dell so this seems like a perfect time to do it. The drive should have a windows 10 restore image on it, if that is a consideration. They are having trouble with the small screws from the laptop bracket and drive.

Would anyone recommend doing a Windows 7 remote install for one's parents?

Is this a bad idea? Should I instead have them mail the drive or PC to me?

What is the best (EASIEST) method considering it will be done remotely?

Not Possible remotely, best you could hope is to make a nice unattended setup of windows 7 and send it in the post on a disk with some instructions on how to boot from cd/usb