Windows Half-open limit fix


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Nov 7, 2010
Windows Half-open limit fix

Another reading that I was doing and like always I like to share it with you guy's
Program Half-open limit fix intend for changing maximum number of concurrent half-open
outbound TCP connections (connection attempts) in system file tcpip.sys.

This limit is entered by company Microsoft trying to make slower virus spreading from
infect computer and cut down opportunities of participation of a computer in DoS

First this limit was entered in SP2 for Windows XP and present at all new versions of
Windows. Limit consists that the computer is not authorized to have more than 10
concurrent half-open outbound connections. At achievement of a limit new attempts of
connections are put in turn.

Thus, speed of connection to other computers is actually limited.
This limit is especially critical for P2P programs (µTorrent, BitComet, eMule, P2P TV
etc.) users. When the P2P program works, pages in a browser can be loaded extremely
slowly. The delay before the beginning of opening can make some tens seconds
irrespective of speed of your connection.
Half-open limit fix cleans this limit, that is increases the maximal limit of
half-open connections. For the overwhelming majority of users there will be sufficient
the limit equal 100

Here is the link-


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Jun 21, 2016
:) hanks for the awsome share. I knew about this problem in XP and was wondering if this was still a problem in windows operating since. Thanks again greatly appreciated!

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