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Windows Surface Closeout?


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Nov 5, 2018
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So they can't give them away? Honestly Thumper and I have discussed The Surface in another thread. They are yet another failed attempt as a hardware manufacturer by Microsoft. They even tried to make some models like an iPad, why? Most of us are in agreement iPads pretty much rules their segment and trying to sell Microsoft hardware at the same inflated Apple prices doesn't work (Zune, Windows Phone?).
Personally I currently have a pretty new Lenovo Yoga i7 w/a 15" very high res touch screen. It's ok. It's my weekend system at the g/f's place. It definitely is as good as a Windows hybrid is going to get. This system hasn't been plagued with the Yoga's hinges weakness, but I tend to use it as a conventional laptop which it does ok. Rarely do I use the touch screen or turn it around as a tablet. I have the Samsung Galaxy for tablet duty. My point is Lenovo has pretty much reached the pinnacle of Windows powered laptop/tablet hybrids. They are powerful and you can service/upgrade anything that may go wrong with them unlike The Surface which is basically glued and taped together and really isn't designed to be opened or serviced by anyone. Lenovo isn't exactly enjoying huge Yoga sales even though they support the heck out of their systems and provide pretty much anything else you could want.
So this could be the start of M/S phasing out The Surface, we can only hope.
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