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A Tablet to Love?


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Nov 5, 2018
I dislike tablets as a whole but this Galaxy Tab may change my mind. It's really not bad. I think Iike it more than my iPads. Who knew?
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I dislike tablets as a whole but this Galaxy Tab may change my mind. It's really not bad. I think I l8ke it more than my iPads. Who knew?

We have an iPad last 4 years, which works 24/7 for streaming music, screen is on all the time, never had a problem.

I didnt have a samsung tab before.
Not busting on iPads! If there's one thing Apple figured out better than anyone It's the tablet environment. However they are very protective of the software they allow to run on them. Not exactly hobbiest's systems but they do get the job done. I have been able to do all kinds of mods to this tablet.
Don't like to use tablets, had a few already and they tend to break. Because they are big, it can't fit on your pocket, etc, etc, etc.
Well yeah, not sure I would ever buy one. I have seen many with broken displays.
It's like the only thing worse than a middle-schooler with a laptop is one with a tablet. I have seen the carnage those lids and do to laptops first hand too many times.
I think the Catholic schools in the city use iPads but they force the parents to take out AppleCare so Apple must eat it pretty hard on those systems.
Just to bring back a thread from the dead, I bought this Whoa Phat brand (YQSAVIOR) 10" tablet Android 11 tablet from Amazon for 60 bucks (added on the 2 yr no questions asked warranty for add'l $15) and gave it to my GF. See enjoys reading the NY Times, Wash. Post, etc. and no cracks I could find for her system.
I'll be darned if the thing works great for her purposes, and the battery life isn't bad. She likes it and she has the latest and greatest iPad (ewww). It hurt me to actually have to buy a piece of hardware, I did break down and by a wifi 6 router when I upped the line to 1 gig but that was a necessity. So other than the fancy icons and that weird Samsung assistant that creeps me out anyway, do you really need to spend more for a tablet? Gaming on a tablet? I don't think so.