Change default location for office documents to my PC


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Jun 17, 2020
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I'm using office apps that come with windows 10 pro. I want to be able to save documents to my PC. How can I change the default to save documents to my PC instead of One Drive? When I select file there is no "options" button.


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Nov 5, 2018
Windows 10
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If you are using the freebie version of Office, you can't. I suspect there may be a hack of some sort floating around that might allow that but if you are going that route you might want to look into other alternatives to install a full version using KDM or an activator.
To be honest I am constantly dealing with some casual users as an admin trying to get their asst'd difficulties with Office sorted out. For the most part they are very angry they have to use a program that basically is not intuitive in any way shape or form. On top of that there are the "clever" users who use parts or the program in ways it wasn't intended and doesn't translate well to the recipient.
Perhaps my favorite situation is the user who has deemed Outlook as the repository of their life's history. I have had to deal with corrupt .pst files that are in excess of 15gb in size. we are talking someone who has saved every freakin' email they have received for the last decade or more with the excuse, "well you never know when you will need them". Without going into the technicalities a .pst file structure is perhaps one of the worst ways to archive large amounts of data. Our former accountant used his outlook .pst file as an accounts payable record by filing the invoices he emailed, no shit. I used to love to hear him cry every time that giant file took a dump even after I warned him of the dangers of attempting that.
I wish my company would make the investment to purchase the software and hardware, cloud space to do effective back ups but the current owner is a bottom line guy and doesn't care about the details. My admin of that network is a third or forth priority in my job functions so I am pretty much relegated to putting band aids on things when they go amiss. To top that off I am forbidden to interrupt the work flow during business hours and the building is rarely accessible outside of normal hours. So my only solution is to get in there when I can, zip a copy of the .pst file and store it in a free cloud account so it's off site.
So how do I love Office? Let me count the ways. It's kind of like I.E. was back in the early days. It was cheap and accessible so no matter how good or better the competition was it was adopted and from there it multiplied like a cancer. It's such a pain in the ass to learn that once people do learn they don't ever want to go through that with another piece of software.
So Microsoft has achieved world domination of the office software market across platforms by dumb luck and predatory marketing. The current CEO Satya is trying to present himself to the stockholders as the next Steve Jobs and will start bringing in big money. His plan is to start trying to wring more money out of Windows and Office by transitioning them to a yearly subscription model. The starter version of Office as described by the OP is a good example. M/S basically owns your office documents as you can only store them in their cloud. If you haven't noticed the current upgrades of Windows 10 continue to try and harvest more and more of your personal information to sell to marketers. Thank goodness for the watchdogs in the EU who keep a sharp eye on that.
Windows by subscription remains in discussion although I hope users will start jumping ship if that takes place. Funny thing if they go to Apple. Apple is like the exact opposite. They sell you uber expensive hardware which I have to admit is top flite but their strength is they support the software and upgrades as long as the hardware supports it are free. Worthy of note is OS X underpinnings are Linux based. Such a move would demolish the Windows based computer hardware manufacturers outside of gaming systems.
Linux at this point is way too wishy washy with more flavors the a Baskin Robbins store. If forced to by a true commercial push perhaps a true leader would arise but how would that look and how about end user support? Not a pretty thought.
Getting back to Office I am amazed how much users freakin hate that program. How do I know? It seems I am the person they vent all their frustrations to and they envision me as the problem with their difficulties with the software. There has to be a far better simple way and it probably exists. Good luck on cracking the brotherhood of all the users that endured the pain or learning Office in the first place. It's their badge of courage and they wear it with honor.
Pretty much my whole thought on Microsoft their failed mp3 players, their failed phones, their webcams which they intentionally obsolete by blocking Win 10 driver install, the surface which will never be more than an expensive conversation piece and now with the subscription model I can sum up in one (or two depending how you spell it) BULLSHIT!
No wonder Bill Gates took his money and ran. As bad as some people make him out to be I think he and Monkey Boy had some good intentions driving Microsoft until the stockholders assumed control.
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Jun 23, 2012
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just disable one drive or uninstall it
it is junk
if you just turn it off you can choose to turn it back on if you really want to use it for something
what a piece of junk, IMO
so many headaches with that thing, thank you next

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