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Nov 5, 2018
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I hear ya with the crazy work think th3m. I thought things were supposed to be slow, not in the IT world.
Anyway quick Deezer question. The site isn’t handing out arl’s anymore. I suspect they just renamed them or did I miss something? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

EDIT: Oh I see the sites you linked to are gone. Looks like Deezer got on the offensive. No probs, I am just asking. Upon some further searching, I see what's up. Lay low for a bit, I had to look over my shoulder for years waiting for that knock on my door, never happened. You can only find little snippets of my past on wayback anymore. Fine by me. That arl thing is a problem on my end, not sure what it is with my home rig. I will try the VPN from other places or it could be Webroot blocking something or who knows what else I have added to Chrome.
Well no worries th3m, I'll figure it out. I was just being lazy but just like you I have been quite busy lately. Be safe and take care my friend.

I guess our friends at Deezer got wise to this program. Some folks have been getting nasty notes about their use of this program but that's it, no worries the program still works just fine.
Just a little pirate's 101 in case you are unaware.
Use a toss out email program to register. In Deezer's case just make something up they don't validate. That and your ip are only way Deezer knows who you are to contact you.
Always use a trustworthy VPN. I can't stress this enough. To be honest it's just stupid to travel unprotected.
There is a list available to sites that's blacklists known VPN IPs for sites to block. This can get to be a pain. Yet another reason to join a provider that churns their IPs. Do your homework before signing with any VPN. Don't just go for some service so and so's site promotes, they are just looking for the largest affiliate commision.
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Jun 24, 2020
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Hey Dog, the main website is down cause they got a DMCA notice, but the project is still going on strong.

I just tested also the arl thingie and works like before, I ll post also the last update to keep you happy ;)

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