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Driver Genius 16


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I'm not sure but I think I probably got an older file however I'm having or was having 2 problems.. the readme stated to do this (?) to the hosts file no actual instructions as to what to do... got that figured, now the reg codes are maxed. Are there another set I could utilize? Thanks in advance.
Not sure how I missed this one. If you have some really old ass laptop that the manufacturer moved to the legacy pile and supplies no drivers or some weird brand, I guess. Other than that I have the same respect for these programs that I have for doing all your drivers with Windows update.
For the noobs, Windows update has hosed some systems in the past. Some years back update tried to load an AMD cpu related driver in Intel powered system with disastrous effects. Lately it's driver lottery with hybrid Intel AMD touchscreens. Stick to the OEM drivers that your manufacturer has vetted for your system whenever possible.
Word to the wise: Unless you know EXACTLY what and why you need to do a driver update if it ain't broke, don't fix it. For newer systems the claim that these programs will speed up your systems is complete BS.
I think I may start a thread this week where we all can contribute tips and tricks to speed up your system. Until then, leave them drivers alone!