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Fitbit and Google


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Nov 5, 2018
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Does anyone have a clue what this might be about? I know Fitbit wasn't doing all that well (or so I was told) so Google must have got them on the cheap. It seems the only company that dislikes Apple more than Google is Microsoft. That Apple watch market proved very lucrative. Samsung took a shot at them with limited success, Microsoft it seems has taken enough bruises lately so they stayed away from that market. Have you seen the prices and the overhaul M/S is doing to the Surface line?
So here's Google, in their mind the Pixel should have blown the iPhone out of the water and they don't get it. Personally I don't get the Apple Watch (is it called an iWatch?) and the prices have begun to plummet. Being an avid distance hiker I bought a Garmin Fenix 5+ and it is far superior to the Apple or Samsung product. I got it for so cheap as a refurb that it could have been stolen but it's a factory refurb w/warranty. Battery life is 5 or so days, Apples need to hit the charger every night or they die. I initially bought the Garmin to one-up my GF and her then Apple Watch 3, ain't it funny what love does to ya? But I tell you I am completely impressed with the Garmin. It's not some trendy device but a true HD piece of highly functional hardware with incredible support. Good luck Google trying to beat that.

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