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[Freeware] Updated Method for getting Windows Installer ISO's onto a CD, DVD or USB !


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Nov 6, 2018
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I have been using this method since this tool was released.

I've tried many various Windows ISO's from 7 to 10 in any flavor [32, 64, multi, enterprise, home, technician, etc.] and I have never had this give me any issues.

Boots in all systems UEFI and EFI / Legacy BIOS types.


It's so easy to use:

1.) Obtain your favorite edition of a Windows Installer in .ISO format [there are a boat load of them here on this website, as well as, available from various BitTorrent search websites provided by ThumperTM herself, and as a last resort, even from Microsoft.com themselves]

2.) Download, Install & Run the: "Windows USB / DVD Download Tool" from the "Download:" link below

3.) Insert your USB Drive/Stick, a CD [for small editions of Windows] or a DVD for everything else

4.) On the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool, click the "Browse" button and locate your .ISO of a Windows Installer, then click on the "Next" button

5.) Now choose the USB Drive/Stick, the DVD or the CD you want to become a Windows Installer

6.) Double check and Confirm if you DO want to FORMAT and ERASE ALL THE DATA [if applicable for R/W storage mediums]

7.) Now just wait while the program transfers all the contents from the Windows Installer .ISO that you chose in a previous step over to your choice of storage that you choose from another previous step


The following situations are when this tool may or may not work for you:
This will NOT WORK, only in the following types of Windows Installers:
--- Any edition that uses multiple boot partitions or boot parameters to switch between the different loaders
--- Any edition that uses GRUB or any other type of boot loader that isn't the Windows Bootloader

This will ONLY WORK in the following types of Windows Installers:
--- SINGLE Versions of Windows ONLY (so if your ISO uses ANY technique to access MORE .iso's to load those other editions [such as one that can install BOTH Windows 8.1 and 7], this might not work and you WILL need another tool, such as Rufus)

--- Multi-Edition Installers (so if your ISO has a list of ALL the Editions of Windows 10 for example, this tool WILL work and you just select the edition you want to install from a list during the installation process)

--- Advanced Scripted Installers that use the Windows Bootloader and that will allow you to select your Version then Edition from the Built-In installer selection window during the installation process)



More Information:
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Nov 5, 2018
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Shoot I am old school though and through.
For those of you who care to know exactly when, where, how and why you need to boot UEFI here's a good Rufus tutorial on preparing a USB bootable stick. Rufus is good to know when dealing with other O/S environments too if you are so inclined. Brilliant piece of freeware.


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Nov 6, 2018
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Can you not hijack my thread?

I mean, yeah more methods are good, but this is my thread.

Please make a new thread if you want to discuss other methods or discuss when or why UEFI.

This thread has nothing to do with WHEN or WHY or HOW to boot UEFI, I simply mentioned that this tool WILL be compatible with UEFI Windows Installers [Windows 8 - 10].

Using the Windows Tool to burn those specific versions of Windows, if your BIOS is set to UEFI and/or "secure boot" mode is chosen, then the installer will still show up and install in a UEFI BIOS mode.

If you disable UEFI and choose Legacy Boot or enable CSM: then all of the Windows Installers will install in normal "non-secure" CSM EFI BIOS mode.
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