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Has Microsoft Gone Goofy?


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Nov 5, 2018
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Microsoft has announced a new, cloud version of Windows 10 and Windows 11.

An Android App?

For iPhone/ iPad

OK well I think Satya is playing with himself to appease the stockholders. I can't imagine why this is happening. Perhaps it's to make up for what a flop the surface turned out to be? Did anyone else notice that some of the current models of surface will not run Windows 11? Madness.

EDIT: After sleeping on it, it occurred to me that my Samsung Tab 2 9.7" running Lineage 17.1 is quite capable of streaming all of the above. So much for throwing the manufacturers a bone by EOL systems running CPUs over 3 years old. So Microsoft has confused me, are they an operating system/office suite publisher or are they a SAS provider? Either way they are biting the hands that fed them in the past. It seems like our buddy Satya lost his direction and is the captain of a ship with no course set, just trolling for money.
Take it from me there is only room for one Apple Computer out there and their users are a small but well-heeled minority. They wouldn't think about stooping so low as to use a Windows system, they get viruses and kids play games on them. They look so cheap too!
As a tech who sets up hundreds of systems from various manufacturers a year I can tell you the reason I never activated TPM or safe boot was I would get calls from retail customers claiming I messed up their systems b/c they couldn't install or use so and so program. As a result I stopped implementing it.
I am reminded of WHQL drivers. The manufacturers were bitching that initially would cost them $50k USD to get certification. Of course the manufacturers bitched like crazy and that fee was reduced to $250 USD per O/S then eliminated entirely. So we will see how this Windows 11 thing goes, my guess is it will enforce TPM and safe boot and issue stern warnings if it's not available. It may even include a boot-time disclaimer waring of the dangers of not using M/S's hardware security and suggesting you update to a newer system containing said hardware, Microsoft loves nag boxes. Eventually they will stop updating non-conforming hardware.
That's my take on Win 11 for the near future. Microsoft still has users stuck on Windows 7 so don't count on users being so compliant with Windows 11 as Microsoft wishes. I was offered a job recently who's sole task was updating literally hundreds of their companies systems at their branches from Win 7 to Win 10. Let me tell you the biggest problem is not the system, it's the users. They are so used to a Win 7 layout and Win 10 ruins their productivity at least in the short run and makes them very unhappy.

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