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I am not techy, but I am not sure if the right word is crack. Also, I was instructed to mount ISO and install office. I don't understand that
You have to be very careful with KMS activator lately. Microsoft has declared war on KMS with the help of Defender. I used it a few days ago and it was quite a fight, see my post here:
It was almost impossible for me to shut down Defender. I was being head strong, not sure if I had another A/V program it would have been so difficult to get it to ignore KMS. Anyway keep trying, consult DuckDuckGo or Google and see what options are out there to shut down Defender
GOOD LUCK! I did finally get KMSpico installed and ignored by Defender but it was a long fight.
Why? Defender is easy to disable. If you know how. ;):cool:;) Next you should say to yourself: "What did I do right?" And you need to find right tool. :) And do it right.
Think so huh? This was Windows 11 and I did all the registry disable stuff, the GUI. Microsoft has cemented Defender into Windows 11, no way to remove it. It acts like you disabled it and will let a lot of stuff in, but KMSpico, no way Jose. I didn't try loading up a 3rd party A/V and that may be the answer, but trust me, no way to completely shut off defender anymore according to Microsoft.