HELP! Network Infected


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Dec 8, 2016
Like an idiot i allowed my Neighbor use my wifi until i found hidden devices During an ARP scan. One day i had wireshark scanning when suddenly a new device connected to network and my time date changed. This was back about a month ago. This goes much deeper than that. I believe he had access for months at least thats what the router logs tell me. He denies it but im not stupid plus while he was away from his apartment his 2 devices were removed from my network when his Electricity suddenly went out. Plus i connected a new Wifi modem/router to my pc without any access to internet and his server or whatever hacked it in less than 5 minutes bombarding it with empty packets and malware. I cant keep this guy out. As soon as i get him out he will get back in when he realizes hes no longer online. My 10yr old sons tablet has system apps that dont belong which hes using to track whatever as well as my Pixel XL which is being replaced by google for one that i can root. I switched router 3 times now. Reinstalled windows and linux from a clean slate. Only thing i can think of is maybe he changed the iso files of windows n linux during the download. Help!!


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Aug 18, 2010
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Scan your PC and other devices, re-create network, use strong passwords. Dont worry much about it, its problem that can be fixed.

Good luck


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Jul 14, 2017
Dude cant be that hard unplug the internet shut it down and scan ur pc then reset ur router complete reset setup new passwords and ssid and just keep it moving let me know if u need a good scanner


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Dec 8, 2016
Yeah it is for some reason. I install windows or Linux and instantly shit gets changed as soon as i connect to network. Ive done everything i can think of. Here is a link to cloud shark that i uploaded from wireshark for what happened the day i got infected. Its more towards the bottom. If anyone knows how to read it let me know please.


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Jan 23, 2016
If you try what 'ThumperTM' and 'AlexB121' suggested than you should be ok.
You could also try:
Reformat/reset (if you are confident enough) all of the devices that connect to your network like your main computer including any modem routers, routers, HDDs, SSDs USB drives, Navigation systems (like Garmin or TomTom) etc.
It is possible that a nasty virus/worm has jumped to all of your devices and keeps reinfecting your network or even your friends system and network and so on (possiply your neighbours, too).
I would start by disabling the wifi and turning off all devices (incl. tvs and printers), reset your modem router to factory settings and setup with new security settings. Connect only one clean and reformatted computer to your network at this stage and see what happens. If nothing bad happens than connect the next device and monitor the situation, and so on.

I'm sure everthing will be ok. :)