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Installation problem


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Jul 10, 2020
Windows 10
Chrome 83.0.4103.116
I bought a Kaspersky cd but it is not installing in my laptop windows 10 !! I can not understand what is the problem.


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Nov 5, 2018
Windows 10
Chrome 83.0.4103.116
Well first things first:
Where did you "buy" this CD? To be honest CDs are mostly irrelevant these days. What you are paying for is the "key" which activates your subscription to whatever service you may have purchased from Kaspersky. It's always been my practice to go to the manufacturer's site and download the latest version of a program rather than load perhaps an older version from a CD anyway.
So it sounds like you are having a problem with authentication of the program. You have omitted many important items. Was this program purchased from an authorized Kaspersky dealer or was it an ebay or similar transaction?
What exactly do you mean when you say, "it is not installing in my laptop windows 10 !! "? At what point does it fail?
If you have a legitimate key to a subscription there's two things you can do depending on where and why the installation fails.
If the CD fails to load and Windows returns a can't find so and so file or file * is corrupt simple enough, go to Kaspersky and download the latest release of the program your CD was attempting to install. Easy.
If the problem is activation and if you are sure your key is legit and has never been activated, your only solution is to contact Kaspersky and have them issue a new key. Dumb question but you do have enough room on your HD for the install don't you?
If the copy in question is a cracked or pirated version you have problems. The only resolution is to attempt to get your money back from the seller. If they refuse, depending where and how you paid for the program, you may have remedies. Check with those services and find out.

Now to climb on my soap box:
First and foremost I would never ever think of loading a cracked A/V program. That's really the cornerstone of your protection. If it has been tampered with chances are it's no longer as safe as you would want it to be. It flat doesn't make sense to load a cracked A/V program besides updates usually find the program has been hacked and will deactivate it.
In addition, if you were "sold" a cracked version of a program whoever did that is a scumbag and I'd love to tell them that to their face. They profited from another person's work who I can tell you didn't put in all that work for money. It can take an incredible amount of time to crack a program. The payback for the cracker is the cred they get for being able to accomplish such a difficult task. There is a special place in hell for people who sell other people's cracks. According to many group's code if they catch you selling their stuff they will put law enforcement on you. It happens, I have seen it third-party in the past.

Lastly since you are here you may be downloading stuff. If that's the case A/V programs like Kaspersky and eset may not be a good choice for you. Both these programs are really aggressive and you will be fighting with them over downloads. I vision them like an old relative constantly wagging their finger at you and being hyper-critical. But to each their own. Good luck.


Jan 11, 2018
Windows 10
Chrome 83.0.4103.116
i would not install that virus program kapersky is one of the worst virus programs out there, including norton, avast, avg, mcafee and wierd ones, just stick with window defender, and be vigilant!!! do not down from suspicious sites, beside all the ones i mention are memory hogs, slows your machine way down, some are hard to remove, if you find that they are hard to remove, then your infected with their virus.


Nov 25, 2019
Windows 10
Firefox 78.0
Agreed. If you must have free, use BitDefender Free, very light, one of the best AV engines. I would, however, recommend buying MalwareBytes.


Well-Known Member
Jun 23, 2012
Windows 10
Opera 68.0.3618.173
1. don't download anything, but if you do, use a secure downloader that automatically virus scans everything
2. don't browse any websited, but if you do, use a secure browser that automatically scans everything
3. don't ever click on any links in an email... but if you do... see above

if you still get a virus, use malwarebytes and whatever else, and if all else fails re-install
always back stuff up

you can just go to kapersky and download the latest cd for free, i think, let's see
well, they have a free trial, various levels, price points

i suggest comodo or windows defender

but, you should go to kapersky and file a support ticket; nothing else you can do really
you may have been scammed

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