Make Windows 7 recovery iso files bootable to usb


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Mar 10, 2020
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Hey guys, I would like to know that I have 4 recovery windows 7 files as a Boot disc, Disc1.iso. Disk2.iso, Disk3.iso, and Disk4.iso
Now I have two questions
1. is it possible to combine all of these files to make a single iso file.
2. can I make a bootable USB from these files, if is it what is the best software to do this job?
Waiting for your response guys



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Nov 5, 2018
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Theoretically yes. The easiest way would be to load the existing disks and create an image from it. Why I say that is a ThinkPad T430 Win 7 needs a butt load of drivers. A fresh current install is going to save time in long run since M/S has EOL Win 7 who knows how long Win 7 drivers and M/S updates will be around.
I guess you can mount your existing disks extract the files combine them into one folder and use Rufus to build a new bootable USB ISO.
Keep in mind those disks you have were designed to be loaded sequentially. You may have to keep disk 1 separate and make that bootable with Rufus on it's on USB stick then follow up loading the files in order from the extracted ISO's. See what I mean? ThinkPads are a bit different than an average system so what may be normal for systems in general won't work on your Lenovo TP.
I wish I could be more definitive but you are kind of going in a reverse. It would be far better if you made the backup on a USB stick to begin with. Unfortunately your ThinkPad may not allow you to backup to a single USB drive.
It will be a learning experience, that's for sure. I have loaded a ton of T430's in the day but always used an OEM Win 7 disk.
Good luck!


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Dec 10, 2011
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In the old Dos days, with 7 disk to install, We use to extract all files from Disk to 1 Folder, then insert a Disk 1 disk2 to disk 7 folders. then burn all to a CD-RW and then when you ran install it seen all 7 disk and just worked. Make sure the name is 100% proper. for ea folder.

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