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Microsoft office install problems


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Willie Jim

New Member
Dec 24, 2021
Hi all - I am getting an error when trying to install Office 21 saying that office enterprise 2007 32 bit is not compatible.
I have done many searches as well as using Revo Uninstaller Pro but nothing seems to get rid of the problem.
Any suggestions?
Have you tried running it as a ADMINISTRATOR = right click select run as administrator? Lot of reasons this might happen also suggest trying a newer version of the app.
Willie mano a mano you aren't running Win 10 32 bit are you? If that's the case you are going to run into untold problems with programs with 64 bit cracks that just may do whacked things that generate errors like you are encountering. I am hoping that's not the case so let's go on.
All I can think of is your Office 21 source files have to be corrupt. Where else could the files generate that error are coming from? Try a new version of the cracked version but again that 32 bit error makes me think otherwise. So good luck. I honestly have heard that error until now.