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New Favorite Video Player


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Nov 5, 2018
After years of VLC as my primary player, I have moved on to POT Player. The reasons are twofold. First it seems over the years VLC has been "dumbed down" a bit or quite a bit depending on how long you have been using it (a couple of decades for me). Unfortunately the technical quality of rips is in decline as a new generation of (my words) "one click wonders" video processors have become popular. If you take a good look at what some of these programs pump out, it's far from perfect and many are unable to automatically correct problems with the source. POT Player has a far better handle on letting you know what's going on. Granted it's a far more complicated GUI than VLC but that makes it a winner for me. It allows me to see what's going on and possibly repair problems which prevent a better quality playback.
I am sure there are those who prefer the point and play of VLC but I find it falling on it's face much more in the past year.
Good to know about. I need subs and VLC has a built in sub finder which works 60% of the time. Otherwise i have to go out on the web to the same sites POT lists.
Subs are often not synced well; POT has better menus to advance or retard playback. I set up custom hotkeys on VLC for various items... do I want to retrain myself?
So far no problem with any files on VLC for me. But now I have alternative to explore if I need an alt proggie, so thanks for the tip.